Serious Treatment For Dry & Troubled Skin

A daily use, serious treatment for extremely dry and troubled skin.

A unique cream, formulated with ceramides and squalane. This rich cream contains patented MLE® technology which helps rebuild the natural skin barrier. It is also infused with patented Defensamide® and ceramides that aid in keeping the skin deeply moisturised and soothed. Liberally laced with Squalane, which imparts long lasting moisture, helping to keep skin feeling soft and silky. Does not contain ingredients known to cause skin irritation, and is ideal for use by all ages, including babies and children.

  • MLE® (+ Ceramide-9S) helps protect and strengthen that skin barrier.
  • Defensamide® stimulates peptides, the body’s natural antibiotic
  • Squalane works like a lubricant to help prevent skin surface dryness
  • Quick to market with excellent clinical credentials
  • Minimum order quantity: 250kg