Intensive Hydration For Severely Dry Skin

Ideal for troubled skin that appears red and feels itchy from dryness. Formulation features patented MLE® technology that helps support healthy skin development. The combination of Multi Lamellar Emulsion and high grade butters, Cacao Seed and Shea, provide the utmost in hydration. Patented Defensamide® and Zinc Gluconate also help dry skin feel more hydrated, less parched and uncomfortable. It is ideal for use by all ages, including babies and children.

  • MLE® (+ Ceramide-9S) helps protect and strengthen that skin barrier
  • Defensamide® stimulates peptides, the body’s natural antibiotic
  • Quick to market with excellent clinical credentials
  • Minimum order quantity: 250kg

This ointment cream is liberally laced with high grade cosmetic butters to provide hydration for severely dry or parched skin.