Restores beauty and comfort to overworked feet

A luxurious foot moisturiser is designed to smooth and soften rough, dry and cracked feet.

A lightweight yet rich moisturising balm designed to hydrate, smooth, and soothe the feet and heels. Paraben-free and formulated with exclusive MLE technology, it’s key ingredients are able to restore distressed, dry skin, leaving the feet and heels with a healthier and more youthful texture. Clinically proven to soften and smooth feet after five to ten days of proper use. This is achieved using plant-derived ingredients found in the patented MLE technology, which work together to replenish the skin’s natural oils and moisture barrier. This product is the best foot balm and works as a superior cream for cracked heels and dry heels.

  • Quick to market with excellent clinical credentials
  • Minimum order quantity: 250kg