Restores Energy To Stressed Out Skin

A unique cream for protecting and soothing skin after treatment. Tested and proven to be Hypo-allergenic.

Tests have proven that this formula is both Hypo-allergenic and Non-Comedogenic. Dualguard-9 and multi-peptide ingredients increase the capacity of the skin to purify itself and to increase radiance. Madecassoside and Beta Glucan work together to leave the skin feeling less taut and more relaxed. This ampoule does not contain known irritants but instead contains Niacinamide to aid in helping prevent dark spots which can occur after certain dermatological treatments.

  • Dualguard-9 and Biotide helps plump the skin, enhancing elasticity
  • Madecassoside moisturises as well as soothes
  • Anti-ageing components: Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide
  • Quick to market with excellent clinical credentials
  • Minimum order quantity: 250kg