A Gentle Shampoo For Dry & Sensitive Scalps

A special shampoo, nutrient rich, low PH with hair conditioning benefits ideal for a dry and sensitive scalp.

Formulated with a naturally-derived surfactant which is a plus for a dry and sensitive scalp. Infused with Panthenol to help prevent hair thinning and to encourage thicker hair shafts. In addition, it contains Biotin which is known to provide nutrients to aid with hair growth. It has a rich lather which conditions hair, thoroughly cleans and helps restore the natural PH balance. It is recommended for a dry scalp and for scalp dermatitis. It is also good for calming an irritated scalp brought on by too frequent permanent waves or hair dyeing. It is suitable for use by all ages.

  • Quick to market with excellent clinical credentials
  • Minimum order quantity: 250kg