StriVectin chose the MLE Select Cream as its delivery system because its luxurious and light emulsion perfectly imitates the Maltese structure of the skin’s natural lipid layer allowing StriVectins patented oxygen technology to penetrate further into the dermis.

Cetaphil is a global skin care brand and number one in the USA for sensitive skin. They chose our MLE Select Eye Repair Serum Code AP75739 nearly 10 years ago and have since sold over 10 million units, the product sales are still growing and loyal customers continue to repeat buy. The eye area is super sensitive and Cetaphil were so impressed with our clinicals that they didn’t change a thing and took the formula straight off the shelf!

Westman Atelier the high-end beauty brand fronted by celebrity make-up artist Gucci Westman chose a unique serum for their first skincare product, utilising the same technology that drives many of BodyPak Beauty’s formulas. They partnered with Korean scientist Raymond Park to develop Skin Activator, which contains 12 active ingredients, including hyaluronic acids and niacinamide to develop the ‘perfect storm’ of skincare products.

Palmers combined our MLE delivery system with their famous Cocoa Butter Formula to create a Daily Calming Facial Lotion. The MLE technology helped them to make the claims for reduced redness and irritation whilst imparting a lovely lightweight feel on the skin.

BodyPak Beauty

Product Reviews

Our formulas are all clinically proven to work as directed and guarantee customer satisfaction. Take a look through some of the reviews on this page and see some of the customer feedback for yourself.

Fabulous! Great ingredients list, after using for 2 months my skin never felt better!
G. Arapeet, Neuromide Ampoule
I’ve been using a prescription azelaic acid for a long time. But my skin continued to be red. I’ve been searching for a skin barrier cream for my rosacea that wouldn’t irritate it. This cream calms and soothes. It makes my skin feel good when I apply it. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. But, my skin is definitely not as red as it used to be.
L. Smith, Intensive Moisturising Cream
I was first introduced to it as a barrier cream after a facial treatment. I find it works very well for dry skin.
L. Gentry, Intensive Moisturising Cream
Great product! The new formula is amazing! My skin stays hydrated all day. I’ve even noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. It’s a lot smoother and clearer in complexion. I highly recommended this product!
C. Auburn, Intense Moisturising Cream
I’ve used a number of ceramide moisturisers. None were that effective on my impaired skin barrier. With Intensive Cream, I could literally feel a huge difference in two to three days. This product needs more attention and I will happily spread the word. Consider me a forever customer!
P. Miller, Intensive Cream

Though I wear sunscreen religiously every day, I have found my skin is MUCH less dry and smoother since I began using this product morning and before bedtime. I would highly recommend it.

S. Felt, Intensive Moisturising Cream

The most moisturising cleanser I’ve ever used.  I don’t wear a heavy foundation, just a CC cream, so it gets my face clean.

S.Donmoyer, Cleansing Foam

First time trying this toner! No strong scent or color which is always good. It’s something I can use daily to soothe my skin!

Alex. S, Soothing Toner